About Us

What Is Summit SCUBA?

     If you’re interested in learning to SCUBA dive, then you’ll probably be glad to hear that Summit SCUBA was founded with you in mind. Summit SCUBA is a dive training company whose sole focus is on dive training. Founded by two former Florida International University instructors, the training at Summit SCUBA is designed to be complete and transform you into a proficient diver. Utilizing the internet, the classes are completely different in that you get to participate in learning about SCUBA diving before actually enrolling in your formal SCUBA class. The class is also unique in that you receive fun interactive quizzes, cheat sheets, and even supplemental videos and articles via email. This is all free of charge before having to enroll in your hands on SCUBA training that takes place in the pool and ocean. You can get started right now by clicking here. 

Your Instructors

Jose Cernuda
NAUI Instructor Trainer

     One of the co-founders of Summit. Jose first earned his open water certification in 1991. In 1999 wanting to take learn more and do more advanced diving he enrolled in an Advanced SCUBA diving class at Florida International University where he met Carlos. This started him on a path of diving even more frequently while learning and earning a number of more advanced certifications. By 2001 Jose enrolled in and completed a NAUI Instructor training course and became an adjunct professor teaching SCUBA diving courses at FIU.

     In the years that followed Jose continued his diving education earning certifications as a technical diver while continuing to teach hundreds of divers every year at FIU at many different certification levels.

     Some of these certifications he earned for himself over the years included decompression diving and cave diving. He also went on to become a NAUI Instructor trainer working with and certifying others to become SCUBA instructors.

     All this training helped to form a unique training philosophy which included simplifying and teaching many skills normally reserved for more advanced training at the beginner levels. When he’s not teaching Jose especially enjoys diving the shipwrecks in South Florida and diving in the underwater Caves of North and Central Florida

     The Other co-founder of Summit SCUBA, Carlos received his SCUBA certification in 1999 and became an instructor in 2001. After completing his instructor course, he began to teach at FIU as an instructor in the academic diving program there. While there he was responsible for certifying upwards of 1000 students. The certifications he was part of ranged from open water through instructor.

     Carlos is also a technical diver who is certified as an advanced decompression diver as well as a cave diver.

      Carlos’ motivation for creating Summit SCUBA was simple, he wanted to provide the premiere SCUBA certification program available anywhere. His number one goal is to teach people to SCUBA dive so they can experience the wonders of the underwater world while feeling comfortable and confident in their skills and safety. He has always felt that anyone who is physically capable of doing so should go SCUBA diving, to not do so would be to miss out on one of the world’s most amazing natural beauties.

Carlos Sagaro
NAUI Instructor