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     In just a few moments you'll be on your way to becoming a proficient SCUBA diver. You'll get everything you need to understand the sport. From the simple science of how pressure will affect you underwater, to the common pitfalls you need to avoid, it's all covered here. You'll even discover what to look for so you get maximum fun and enjoyment from the sport for years to come. It's all part of your free video training lessons that are only available on this site

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     Simple. The inter-webs makes it possible. Unfortunately, many dive shops and even SCUBA training agencies cling on to the old-fashioned model of dive training and instruction. Before the internet everything was taught in a classroom and in person. For this reason you had to buy your course just to find out what was actually in the course. This meant that you had no idea what you were getting yourself into until you began the process. Technology makes it possible for you to begin learning right now. We believe in being 100 percent transparent and showing you what's involved first. This means you get to start right now, learn at your pace and even decide if SCUBA diving is right for you with absolutely no commitment. It's that simple! You have nothing to lose. Click below and you'll get instant access to the first SCUBA video lesson. 

How Is This Course Different?

     Created by two former Florida International University Professors, Summit SCUBA courses are designed to be complete and thorough. Utilizing a modern and unique combination of online videos, fun interactive quizzes you receive via e-mail and even cheat sheets, the free training is designed to get you up to speed quickly while making the learning relevant and entertaining. With an emphasis on moving beyond the bare bones minimum that most other courses teach, here you'll get what you need to become a confident self reliant diver. 

The Three Cs Are Key

     The core philosophy behind Summit SCUBA is that there are three distinct phases in the learning process that you must be coached through to become a proficient diver. Competence, the first of the three Cs, is where you learn a skill and repeat it until you master that skill. Comfort comes when you combine two or more of the simple skills and use them in the ocean while still being coached and mentored. Confidence comes once you've done multiple dives with the right guidance and you realize that you are now self reliant and able to continue diving independently. 

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